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Just one time, and still to this day I look for you at LaSalle

Monday June 02, 2008 at 2:00 pm

I doubt you will ever read this...and if by some strange serendipitous chance you do, I figure you won't remember the incident at all. None-the-less, it was a Tuesday during the school year around 3:30 pm and I was walking to the LaSalle Station, and you passed me up. I remember thinking, "nobody passes ME up and gets away with it" (I'm very competitive when it comes to walking in Downtown), so I tried hustling passed you until I looked at you and thought, "oh crap, she's hot and now I look like a dork trying to power walk passed her!" You made slight eye contact with me, but what usually happens, you kept walking passed appearing completely uninterested in me (probably because I was power walking). I ended up beating you to the train station and was waiting on the side headed towards O'Hare way in the back, convinced I would never see you again, and then there you were, you walked up to the front end of the 54th/Cermak (or maybe Forest Park) train. Again, I was baffled by how amazing you looked, and again you appeared to not even notice me. Suddenly as if unexpected, both our trains arrived, catching me off gaurd and what appeared to be, you off gaurd too! We both entered our trains headed in opposite directions, and as the doors began closing, you quickly shot your eyes to me and we both stared at each other like we were thinking, "crap, I so should've said something". Our eyes stayed locked until we couldn't see each other anymore. To this day I wonder if I will come across you again. If you do read this, let me know if it went the same way for you too.

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