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Addison Stop cutie Friday Rush before 10a Fri 8/22

Friday August 22, 2008 at 8:39 pm

What I thought was going to be a typical Friday morning turned very pleasant. As we were waiting for the somtimes long Red Line south train to hit the Belmont station right before 10a, I got caught glancing at you and you got caught glancing at me.

Then you smiled as to acknowledge that it was ok. It was also cool how we were wearing the same color light blue shirt. I was the one standing reading the newspaper until I got off at Fullerton. Too bad that guy sat in front of our view!

Don't know if you ever read this but thanks for brightening up my day. If you do respond I would defintely like to go out with you so I can find out if there is a great personality behind that cute smile :)

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