guy looking for a girl  

Spotted you the on Purple - rode near you on the Red -- Friday Sept. 19 approx. 5:30PM

Friday September 19, 2008 at 8:23 pm

Hello, to the dark haired, tall, curvy woman with a
black shirt, and blue jeans. You had fair skin, and your hair was in a shorter
cut. You were also sporting some dangly black earrings which tied ioun nicely
with your shirt. I first noticed you as the train stopped to unload passengers
at the Howard Red Line station. We then waited approx. 5-10 minutes for the
Red Line train to pull in. I sat near you as we boarded in the seats closest to
the door. I attempted to make eye contact, without appearing "stalkerish", and
unless I'm flattering myself, I believe the interest was mutual. I find you
attractive, and felt drawn to you. I was wearing a light blue, and dark brown,
striped shirt, and blue jeans, and was carry an Evanston Review newspaper.
The time when I first saw you at the Howard Station was probably around 5:30ish
PM. By the way, you exited the train at Thorndale. Heres to hoping you'll see
this, and recognize yourself....Jim

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