girl looking for a guy  

i am seeking for seriouse relationship

Saturday June 21, 2014 at 11:21 pm

I feel like crying but there's no shoulder to cry on i feel like laughing but there's no one to give me a good joke i feel like smiling butthere's no one to impress me i feel like sharing the memories i have but there's no one to share my memories with i feel like am gonna be alone for the rest of my days but if u could really help me with this i promise u wil be my best friend on Earth ever ok i think u nice and cool but pls i don't like to have a cheat in my life or a man to make me cry in my life never again cos my ex boy friend did that to me once and ever since then i just got online again to see if i can find the right one but right now am really not ok just thinking so bad cos am right in some big shit now and i don't know know what to do..i just feel like killing myself for being so stupid to fall for a player and a thief..If you wish to know more about me you can write me back.

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