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Wednesday July 09, 2014 at 3:12 am

Dear reader

I am new here and looking for a serious long term relationship leading to marriage, I have been skeptical about online dating thing and even now that i am posting, I am still skeptical. However i was convinced to try my luck here if i would find something i have been wanting allmost al my life that i do not have. I have heard 2 success stories and seen one myself of a Family friend so here i am too. I am going to write a little about me in the next paragraph.
I am not sure if i am allowed to write my name and some personal information here because i read the term of service and quite could not understand really well. How ever, I would put a little description of my self here, I am 5.7tall, 140pounds, I have a dark long hair, I have always received compliments on my eyes and legs anyway my eyes are brown and i would say it is one of my best feature. Not going to write very much here, I am a very simple person; I am easy to please, I am not asking for very much, though i may be young but i know what i am looking for and i am very confident not pride but that is just me.
My interest seems to go to Older men because i feel they are Matured and i think Most older men have much more experience about marriage, life e.t.c My ideal match is between 33-60. Age has never been a problem for me. Mind you reading my ad and my basic requirements in a man should not turn you off if below above or do not meet my requirements you can write to me, I am always up for a conversation and i have a great sence of humor, I can hold a decent conversation. Tired of being single? then message me with a picture and i would send one back in return, Who knows if this is going to be the start of a great fairy tale and a life of love. Hit me up

NB.. Please be serious if you are writing me
Thanks for reading

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